-This Is It Cottage-

Seaside sitting area

Our shoreline

Looking west towards 

DeGros Marsh beach

        Our Beach

Launching Harbour Beach

Barnyard friends

Launching Harbour

Fishing boats coming in 

Boughton Island
A Piping Plover nesting site

Looking southeast from This Is It  

​On our 130 acres:

 The habitats around the cottage are diverse and consist of woodlands, wetlands, open fields and coastlines that attract many birds. You will see and hear at least fifteen species of warblers; many sparrows occupy the open fields and hedge rows.  One of the most beautiful songs is made by the white-throated sparrow, sometimes called the “Canada Bird” because, rumour has it, it only sings in Canada. The woodlands are home to four common woodpeckers;  if you are lucky, you may also see black-backed or pileated woodpeckers, rare in P.E.I. but sighted in this area.  The open fields are hunting grounds for northern harriers and red-tailed hawks.  The many song birds bring their predators, such as kestrels and merlins.   Barred, great-horned and northern saw-whet owls frequent our woodlands.  The many flowers around the cottage supply food for the vivacious red-throated hummingbird.

 A common, but magnificent resident is the bald eagle which will often be seen hunting and fishing just off shore.  There has been an active nesting site on our property for many years.  Also off shore, are many species of ducks, most common are mergansers, mallards and black ducks.  You will also see large numbers of double-crested and common cormorants fishing in our waters.  The gorgeous great blue heron nests on Boughton Island and is frequently seen flying to and from its nesting grounds.  Further off shore you will see the northern gannet with its spectacular dives for fish, especially when mackerel are running.  Another great fisher is the osprey who is often harassed by the eagles who steal its fish.  During the late summer and early fall, many species of shorebirds use our mudflats as feeding grounds while migrating south.  An endangered shorebird, the piping plover, nests on Boughton Island. Please respect the directions provided by the signage near their nests.

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